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F1 on Twitter

In the past few years, Formula One's presence on Twitter has grown enormously. You'll now find current F1 drivers and teams tweeting from Grand Prix, motor sport journalists and reporters breaking news on the social network, plus some of the most clued-up fans you're never likely to meet. The problem of course is how keep track of all this information, and more importantly, who to trust.

Sidepodcast has curated a number of lists that group together the people we are interested in. Members of those lists have been included in this page, so that you can keep track of those same people.

Selecting a user name will take you to an individual's Twitter account, selecting the button beneath each table takes you to a page where you can subscribe and follow all accounts. We've done our best to ensure people are who they claim to be, additionally look out for the blue 'tick' icon, which symbolises a Twitter account has been verified.

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F1 drivers on Twitter

Almost all current F1 drivers use Twitter, be sure to follow these accounts.

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F1 teams on Twitter

All F1 teams publish updates to Twitter. The following represents either a team or a person tweeting on behalf of a team.

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F1 circuits on Twitter

F1 circuits are also in on the tweeting game. Keep on top of event information throughout the season with this handy list.

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F1 employees on Twitter

Alongside official team accounts, many individuals within teams tweet. This list covers anyone employed by an F1 team or the sport.

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F1 suppliers on Twitter

Many commercial organisations associated with F1, including suppliers and sponsors, post updates. The list below covers anyone working on the periphery of motor racing.

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