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What rule changes? - Mercedes get an unwelcome surprise

Published by Christine

With a bit of a gap between the first and second pre-season tests, teams have found some spare time to create a few entertaining videos for the fans at home. Where you would usually find this period ahead of the brand new F1 season full of secrecy, Mercedes have gone for a fresh approach, admitting their drivers don't quite know what's going on.

It is silly, and the pair aren't likely to be nominated for an Oscar anytime soon, but I do love the video.

I didn't think that Lewis would be able to find another teammate he could get on with as well as he did with Button, but being old friends with Nico certainly pays dividends on the video front. Here they aren't sharing the screen, but they still manage to complement each other.

Rosberg gets most of the good lines, I enjoyed his "Just Mercedes?" quip, as you wouldn't put that past the governing body. And, of course, he signs things off in the perfect way.