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Tweet engineer Smedley - Rob and Susie answer the questions

Published by Christine

Rob Smedley and Susie Wolff took some time out of their day to answer some probing questions from Williams F1 fans, in association with Experian. Subjects fielded included the level of Rob's beard, why Massa's car wasn't repaired during the red flag period and thoughts on the new Pirelli tyres to be debuted tomorrow. All answers were shared via the official Williams Twitter account, as were a couple of photos.

Smedley dictates the pace of the conversation
Credit: Twitter/WilliamsRacing

Rob Smedley seemed to enjoy himself, taking the chief tweet engineer role and directing which questions he and Susie should answer, and leaving Ms Wolff in the driving seat. He also teased his own fans by suggesting he might take up this Twitter lark for himself.

Susie does the driving
Credit: Twitter/WilliamsRacing