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Transcript for Kubica's get well soon video - The full text of drivers wishing Robert well

Published by Christine

Below is the full transcript of the video featuring many of F1's famous names and faces wishing Robert Kubica well after his terrifying rally crash. We posted about the video here with a few choice quotes but if you want more of the same, please read on.

Heikki Kovalainen

Hello Robert, regards from the Barcelona testing paddock. I guess you have heard already from many drivers, everyone is missing you here, wishing you were here. Really sorry about your big accident, it was a very freak one, very unfortunate one but I’m glad to hear from Giaconelli and also from your manager that you’re recovering well, so I’m sure you’ll be here, like already Flavio was already saying in the middle of the season you’ll be back here, so I suppose you are doing well. Good luck and a lot of strength and power for the recovery. You know that my team and myself and my girlfriend, we miss you and we wish you all the best. Next time you go rallying, I’ll come with you. It’s still a good idea, in the middle of the race season, absolutely. But let’s go in Finland in the winter, because there’s not such big fences, there’s more snowbanks so you can lean on them. It’ll be better, everybody in the team and all the team bosses will be happy. Anyway, fingers crossed everything goes well and also plan to come and see you when the schedule makes it possible for us. If we don’t go to Bahrain for some reason, I’ll come and have a look at you and we can have a lunch or something. Thanks.

Rubens Barrichello

Robert. It was very scary moment for all of us, of course for you it must have been a nightmare. I must thank your guy Morelli for giving me all the updates because I kept on calling him every five minutes and he may be got fed up of me calling. But thank god everything was okay, and the moment of scary that you went through in the first hours were gone soon. Here in Barcelona, we miss you, we hope you come back very early. Thanks again all the operations are gone and you don’t need anymore, but you should have thought maybe on the last operation you should take a little bit out of your nose. That could be a very good solution for beauty. Hey man, we miss you here, hope you get back quite soon.

Sebastian Vettel

Hello Robert, I hope you are doing well and recovering. Obviously we were all quite surprised and shocked to hear from the accident. As we all know you are a gambler and a funny guy. Hope you don’t spend all your money gambling now in the hospital with the other patients. Make sure you save some money for when you come back to Formula One so at least we gain your money and not those other people.

Mark Webber

Hi Robert, hope you’re feeling a bit better and the recovery is starting. We had a good chat so all the best. Often thinking of you and hope your family and friends are supporting you as well as they can, I’m sure they are. You’ve got good people around you, so look forward to seeing you back around soon, but I’ll see you before then anyway. Take it easy, see you soon.

Sergio Pérez

Hi Robert, it’s Sergio. Shame about the accident, I hope you are getting better, you and your family. I hope everything is fine and you recover soon so you can be back racing with us.

Kamui Kobayashi: Hi Robert, it’s Kamui. When I heard about your accident, it was really a shame, but we always got positive news, a lot of positive news, so I think you will recover seen. I hope this year, but maybe next year we can see each other in Australia, like last year, in poker.

Michael Schumacher

Robert, we all hope you’re going to be back as soon as possible, but much more important we hope you’re feeling well and you get well as soon as possible. We were all shocked by what we heard but crossed fingers, things go well. See you soon.

Vitaly Petrov

Hi Robert, I hope you are getting well. Just wanted to let you know my family, my friends and all Russian fans support you. They wish you all the best. If you need some help or anything, just let me know, call me or send a message, I hope you know my number. We’ll take the first flight and come and visit you. We miss you, we’re waiting for you here. I hope you’ll recover as quick like your driving.

Nick Heidfeld

Hi Robert, I hope you are getting better each day. I guess it’s a bit awkward for you as well to see me in your Lotus Renault car and in your gear. I’m actually too sure if you’re too happy to see me but maybe it motivates you to come back soon and I hope you get well soon. Okay, see you.

Bruno Senna

Hi Robert, how are you? Hope you are getting well. Of course, we didn’t meet for much time before you got into a bit of trouble but hope to see you soon again doing what you like to do most, which is to drive. Hopefully you will be here, all the best for your recuperation. If you need anything always give us a shout.

Éric Boullier

Hi Robert, we miss you greatly and obviously look forward to seeing you back testing.

Pastor Maldonado

Hi Robert, we are here in Barcelona testing, so I want to see you soon in the car.

Paul di Resta

Hi Robert, it doesn’t seem that long ago in Valencia we were speaking at the first test, just before you had your big accident. Very sorry to see that happen, my thoughts were with you and your family. As long as it was something you enjoy doing, which rally was your passion after our conversation in Brazil last year. I hope to see you back on the track well, I think you’re at the peak of your career. I was looking forward to racing against you again in my first year of Formula One. Hopefully we’ll see each other on the grid this year, many good battles to come, and I wish you a speedy recovery and all the very best.

Timo Glock

Hi Robert, good news is I heard your recovery is going well. It’s time to come back to the track again because you still owe me some money last year, or you took quite a lot of money off me in poker last year, so I want to have that back again. Fight as hard as possible to get as soon as possible back. I will hand over, now, to Jerome and he will give you some thoughts as well.

Jérôme D’Ambrosio

Hey Robert, just really hope you’re coming back soon. Would be really great to do a Grand Prix and be on the same starting grid as you, like in the old go karting days. I just, for many reasons, just want you to come back, you’re a great person and we all miss you in the paddock. We definitely need to get Giaconelli this year so, he knows what I’m talking about. So come back quickly so we can get his hair.

Narain Karthikeyan

Ciao Robert, we all clearly miss you in the paddock, and wish you a speedy recovery. Hope to see you soon and look forward to racing with you.

Tonio Liuzzi

Ciao Robert, I can tell you here everybody is really missing you. We are all waiting for you to come back. For sure, everybody feels that someone is missing in this paddock, but we all know you are really strong in your head and in your mind, as you are in the car, you can be life. So we are all just waiting for your recovery and we are looking forward to see you back with us as soon as possible. Ciao Robert.

Toro Rosso boys

Jaime Alguersuari: Hey Robert, we are missing you a lot. Hopefully you are well and you are getting recovered quite fast and hopefully you come back soon and we can race together again.

Sebastien Buemi: Ciao Bertino, we hope to see you soon, hopefully everything is going fine and you will be able to recover soon. We hope you will be back before the end of the year, because we want to see you in the car.

Adrian Sutil

Hi Robert, I hope you recover really well. I wish you absolutely all the best and really, I can’t wait to race again with you. For sure, Formula One is ready for you and we all hope you come back really soon.

Fernando Alonso

Hello. Robert for me is one of the best friends I have in the paddock. Obviously in Formula One, the relationship between drivers is not very normal, but for me Robert may be the only one, in terms of character, in terms of way of living Formula One, and understanding Formula One, we are very similar. We know what we want to do in Formula One, we are not here to make friends, we are just here to win. I’ve known him many years, I remember when I was racing in go karts, he was racing in the smaller categories and he was winning all the races all the time. There was always a lot of respect for Robert in go karts. Then I drive for different categories so a Spanish team… in Euro series with… so I’m still always following Robert very close, and then I arrive in Formula One.

For me it was a shock when I heard about the accident. I tried to visit him as soon as possible, I was close to Genoa. Then it was days of worry, the life was the first priority, second the hand. I was a little bit shocked, I didn’t want to believe that was real. Finally, I visited him a couple of times more and now I am sure he will come back. The spirit of Robert is unbelievable, he’s a very strong person. I think a normal person would need one year to recover or eight months, but Robert will be half because he’s a superman in these cases. Hopefully you will recover well, soon, we all miss you and hopefully you come back soon. Bye bye.

McLaren boys

Lewis Hamilton: Hey Robert, hope you’re well. We’re here in Barcelona, Jenson and myself. Jenson was testing today. But we wanted to just give you a bit of a message of support and let you know that you’re being missed here in the paddock and out on the track. We were just discussing now that it makes it a bit easier this year because we won’t have to worry about trying to overtake you as you make your car as wide as possible.

Jenson Button: I think it’s called weaving, actually.

Lewis: Yea. Weaving. You’ve always been great at weaving.

Jenson: But I hope it’s all going well, mate. I’m sure it’s a very tough time for you but you’ve got a lot of people thinking about you. I’m sure you’re enjoying the morphine but get off it because we want to see you on the track.

Lewis: Definitely. Take care of yourself, we’re thinking about you, god bless.

Jenson: See you later.