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Terry's selection of engine audio highlights - Various noises from Formula One cars over the years

Published by Christine

In a recent F1 Debrief podcast, we heard from Terry who suggested that whilst the new engine sound may not be ideal to many, it's the sound of the sport moving forward, and that is worth its weight in gold. Terry did add that he missed the sounds of previous seasons, though, saying:

If you must be nostalgic for engine sounds of yesteryear, the truly great engines were the old V12s. What a sound! I became a fan during the first turbo and Group C era and love that sound, too. Backfire crackles and fire-belching exhaust. Fond memories of my youth. Here are some videos I found to take you back. I personally think the recently departed V8s come up short in this comparison. Your mileage may vary.

Cosworth DFV

Matra V12

Renault 98T

V12-V10-V8-V6 Turbo