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Stop and Gorgonzola - Geographically accurate cheese hashtags

Published by Mr. C

I do love me a good bit of cross team banter and today's conversation between Lotus F1 and Force India is a keeper.

Lotus have been using race specific hashtags for the past season and a half, some more successful than others, but this afternoon Force India proved two can play that game.

What's the #ItalianGP hashtag you ask? Well...

Lotus_F1Team Lotus_F1Team


@Lotus_F1Team should rather be Gorgonzola #GeographicallyAccurateCheeseHashtags

clubforce clubforce

@clubforce Shhh! You're ruining it... #GeographyFail #PassTheMap

Lotus_F1Team Lotus_F1Team

@Lotus_F1Team an appropriate one would be Stop&Gorgonzola.

clubforce clubforce

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm using #Stop&Gorgonzola for the rest of the weekend. Maybe forever.