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Staying ahead of the competition - The dangers of filming everything pre-season

Published by Christine

For several years, Allianz have partnered with Mercedes to release videos throughout the F1 season, offering a spot of entertainment as well as some handy health and safety advice as well. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have made for some fun sketches, as the pair have up until now had a great relationship. As displayed in this video, with snippets recorded pre-season.

Is it just me or do Allianz have a bit of a problem on their hands now? It's more than likely that all their pre-season content sees the boys larking about and generally enjoying their company. But even though Hamilton says they've made up, it's hard to imagine they're going to spend quite so much time hanging out and having a "basket competition."

This looks like a cleverly, if hastily, re-edited video taking the relationship angst in Mercedes at the moment and turning it into a positive. How long can they keep it up for though?