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Stages of a Sidepodaddiction - Work out your progress and look for a cure!

Published by Christine

The other day we got to wondering how long it takes for people to get addicted to and which stage they are at in their addiction. Similar to the “seven stages of man” we should have a Sidepod-addiction chart so you can see how you measure up and how long it takes to full blown obsession.. Here are a few suggested stages, but there are probably much better examples .. c’mon you know you want to add to the list.

1Lurking in the background, watching what’s going on. Trying to get a feel for how you could fit in and if they’d think your comments were silly.
2The first comment. Oh, that wasn’t so bad, they didn’t laugh at me and seem a friendly bunch. I might stick around some more.
3Commenting most days and listening to the occassional podcast or video feed.
4Joining all the Sidepodcast social networking tools like the Wiki,, Twitter, Facebook and Last FM. Never missing a live show, downloading the 5 most recent podcasts to your iPod. Join Skype just in case you feel confident enough to chat on a live show one day.
5Your first live show, you finally brave chatting in public, you are a bit worried but it goes okay. Quickly sign up to the wiki for future panels or sidepodchats. Download the Desktop Doohickey so that if IE or Firefox crashes you are always in touch with the latest goings on.
5.5You create pages on the Sidepodcast Wiki and actively update content to the site for others to enjoy.
5.8You attend a sidpodgathering – a great time is guaranteed.
5.9You organise a sidepodgathering to meet up with members of the sidepod community.
6You volunteer, without being asked, to host your first live show. You don’t mind chatting on SPC until the wee small hours, in fact you think its fun. You buy second monitor so that you can watch the live timings and chat on SPC whilst simultaneously watching the race.
6.5You begin to write guest posts for Sidepodcast, with or without your own blog.
7Concerned that you may have let your friends down by your failure to host the next sidepodpanel, you volunteer to be filmed live for a show.
7.5Compose, sing and upload a song for the Sidepodcommunity to enjoy.
7.6You are in denial! You convince yourself and/or try to mislead others that you are really only at stage 3.
7 of 9(BORG, get it?) You don’t need any sleep, you just regenerate! You ride the express lift (named after our very own Amy) to the highest stages of addiction, completing each stage in record time. Everyone is impressed at your dedication. You need to get a blog.
10You get your own fan club, this leaves the rest of the commentors in annoyance and feel left behind. You still need a blog.
11You now start commenting on the move, probably via iPhone. There is no doubting or hiding the fact you are over-addicted and need to get a life outside SPC!