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Sporting injuries - Tracking the highs and lows of following a sport

Published by Christine

Injuries are a part of any sport but some stretch the term sporting injury a bit far and it is those that are featured on Sidepodcast.


Nick Heidfeld: Broke an arm after being on the losing side of a bike v. car skirmish shortly before Spa 2005, which occurred while Nick was in the latter stages of recovering from a testing accident.

Gavin Brown (RubberGoat): Cut his left index finger while chopping onions watching the 2005 Spanish Grand Prix (and still has a scar to prove it)!

Juan Pablo Montoya: Obtained a shoulder injury playing tennis (possibly on a motorised form of transport, if you believe some of the rumours that flew round the paddock afterwards).


Mark Webber: Webber’s sporting injury happened in an off-season event he organizes after getting hit by a vehicle and breaking his leg.

Felipe Massa: Massa’s sporting injury happened when he sneezed in a lift and hurt his neck.

Christine: Christine’s sporting injury happened in bed. She woke up with a sore neck.

Mr C: Fly swatting is dangerous and not just for the fly.

Valentino Rossi: Rossi is the greatest motor bike racer ever but his sporting injury occurred while closing the curtains. He needed a visit to casualty to have his hand and foot stitched after an unexpected collision with a glass table.


RG: Managed to pull a calf muscle while putting his feet up.

Franck Montagny: Went rockclimbing and abseiling during training, then stood on a ball and broke his leg.

Ollie: Went to Monaco by helicopter, walked the track, went out for the night, and fell on the rocks on his way back to the hotel. Ended up in Monaco hospital with 12 stitches.

Alianora La Canta: Was awake until 3:55am the night following Brazillian GP qualifying crafting a particular complicated comment about Fisichella’s session. Woke up just over five hours later and was still tired when she cut her head open on the upper bunk of her bed. Thankfully, she was glued together in plenty of time to see the race at home.

Bassano: Arrived at Giggles house with a drill to help put up the blinds. After one successful blind installation, the second caused a very small knuckle injury – the first SPC sporting injury to be live streamed!

Rich: Slipped a disc after falling down two flights of stairs while discussing F1 with a friend on Xmas Eve.

Tom G: While walking the dog, during the live Christmas party on Sidepodcast, he slipped on the ice on the path, breaking his coccyx, a painful experience, as anyone who’s done it will know.


Tom G (again): Tom trapped a part of his left index finger in his chair when he moved it, which damaged the nerves in the small area afflicted and leaving an imprint of the metal in the finger!

Alex: Trapped a bit of his finger in a microphone stand while trying to reduce crackle on Giggles Radio. As Sergeant Esterhaus used to say on Hill Street Blues – Let’s be careful out there.

Gavin Brown (RubberGoat): Cut his finger opening a Lychee. Yes, the doohickey was open at the time!

Mr C: The Monday after the German GP I rolled onto a spider while sleeping. It bit my leg seven times while scuttling off. The git.

Kate: Slipped on her shiny bedroom floor and twisted her left ankle because of this. And then fell onto her right kneecap because her hands were occupied with holding her laptop (clearly much more valuable than any vital organs). Then spent the next 5 minutes on the floor messaging everyone on the Daily thread about it.