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Speed sporting // Condensing enjoyment into bite size parcels

Published by Christine

During the World Cup, Mr C became bored of the football and offered us the idea of Speed Sporting, where the usually long sports would just last minutes, to save everyone the time and the hassle. Here are the ideas so far.


Instead of the 90 minutes and possible extra 30 minutes of football, the idea is simple. Just have the penalty shootout, arguably the most important and dramatic part of the game. 5 kicks from each team and then sudden death if scores remain level.


The most popular moments of the race come on the first and last laps, so the race will instead just be about the first and last lap to make it undoubtadly exciting.

24 Hours of Le Mans

24 hours of racing is undoubtedly too long, so, the race will instead be the first to run to their cars, now known as the 24 meters of Le Mans.


Just have each match feature one tiebreaker game, and the whole tournament will be complete in one afternoon.


Just put magnets on all the corner pockets and stuff inside the balls to attract them to it. and don’t have about 20384 games in a match! Also, a flat esclator to hurry them up around the table.

Additional Rules

Domination is any sport is deathly dull. Once a person is deemed champion of their chosen sport they should be banned from competing further or move to a new sport. If a team wins the title, they must drop all players for new ones before entering again.