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Sidepodcast is Painless (sung to the Theme from M*A*S*H, "Suicide is Painless") - The Sidepodcast summer camp theme tune

Published by Jordan F1

Through early morning fog I see
The frosted peak of Mt. Fuji
Do I take the turn in three
Or will I smack a friggin’ tree?

But Sidepodcast is painless
They publish many pages
That I can read and comment, as I please.

The F1 game’s so hard to play
We’re losing money every day
The winning car we hope to lay
What does it matter anyway?


And should we have the car to beat
Our betters, we’ll never meet
But if we did we would never cheat
Nor to others, give our seat


In Qually three, I do not see
Undiluted intensity
The maximum velocity
Aggression and ferocity


A cute lass once asked of me
To answer this, for it is key
Just who the hell is mr. C?
Oh, Christine, why ask me?


They’re on Pirelli tires
That’s the reason they deny us,
The spectatcle of racing properly
The spectatcle of racing properly