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Sidepodcast inventions - Making the world a better place one gadget at a time

Published by Christine

Sometimes we come up with ideas that should already exist but apparently do not. This is the place to house those ideas until we can find the right person to make them happen.

Aerospace Blu Tac

After a conversation about aerospace Speed Tape, the next day we were discussing the upcoming space walk:

Christine: Important question: will there be a toolbag?

Steven Roy: Unless they plan to attach 15 tons of metal with blu tac there will be a tool bag.

Christine: Hmm. Is there such a thing as aerospace blu tac?

Steven Roy: If there is not we should invent it.

Edible Hats

For those people that promise if something happens they will eat their hat.

Internet Tipp-Ex

For those moments you type something that you would rather take back.

Speaker Filter

An internet filter so that one can block out the sounds of a particular person. For example, when re-watching a GP on the iPlayer, it’d good to just be able to hear Martin and Ted.

Kettle Alert

Pat W has requested some kind of alert that reminds him the kettle has boiled when he is sat in the other room. Mr C has suggested some Twitter integration might help.

Giant Umbrella

On finding out that the moon is hit several times a month by rocks big enough to create a 30 metre diametre crater Christine suggested that before sidepodcast’s mission to the moon we need to invent a giant umbrella to protect us

Blue Ray Bans

During a live show people were discussing what they were eating. Lukeh said he was going to get some Blue Ribands and Lou replied that she had read that as Blue Ray Bans. So we now need to invent sunglasses that play hi def video.

Bob Dylan Hoover

Whilst Alex was playing a Bob Dylan song on his ‘D’ Radio show, Bassano mentioned how Bob Dylan sounds like a singing hoover, but a good one obviously. This prompted Lukeh to wish for a hoover that sings Bob Dylan. And has a harmonica.