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Sidepodcar Mk II - Lukeh's updated efforts at a branded Sidepodcast racecar

Published by Christine

A couple of years ago, Lukeh put in hours of effort to create the first edition of the Forza 2 Sidepodcar, with a delicious livery and some fab stickers. With Forza Motorsport 3 out for the Xbox 360, we've got a new and updated version! The livery is based on the Toyota Celica ’03 model, photos are as follows.

Front View

Sidepodcar 2 - front view

Side View

Sidepodcar 2 - side view


Sidepodcar 2 - sneaky panda


Sidepodcar 2 - rear view

Racing round Silverstone 1

Sidepodcar 2 - Silverstone

Silverstone Main Straight

Sidepodcar 2 - Silverstone main straight