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Published by Christine

After playing Your Love Alone Is Not Enough by the Manic Street Preachers on the Parade Lap for the German GP, Gavin asked if it was a Bond song, and Steven thought that sounded like a fun game. Here are the results:

  • Rachel – The World Drivers Championship is not Enough
  • guille2306 – Bernie’s Gold finger
  • Journeyer – Dr. Mo(sley)
  • Journeyer – From Paris With Love?
  • Startledbunny – The Spy Who Cost us the Constructors Championship
  • Gavin – Casino Square Royale?
  • Maverick – Never Say I Never Let Trulli Through Again
  • Lee – On Max Mosely’s Secret Service
  • Steven – Live and Let Race
  • Gavin – You only win twice
  • Journeyer – The Man With the Highlighter Yellow Car
  • Peter – Moonraikkernen
  • Maverick – Diamonds Are Forever (Except When Attached to a Jaguar)
  • Steven – You Only Crash Twice
  • Maverick – The Man With The Golden Wheel Gun
  • Peter – Heidfeld’s Engine Never Dies
  • Rachel – A view to a scandal