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Rosberg versus Vettel - Heated discussions in the Sepang qualifying press conference

Published by Christine

Sebastian Vettel tried to be the hero in qualifying, attempting to cross the finishing line just in time to squeeze in another lap but hoping to be the last one to set a lap. We saw this over and over again last year, and it always resulted in a P1, but things weren't going to plan this weekend. Vettel missed out on the chance to set another lap, and thus missed out on pole position by five hundredths of a second.

In the post race press conference, he squarely placed the blame on a Mercedes drivers shoulders, but which one was it?

Q: (Michael Schmidt - Auto, Motor und Sport) Question to Sebastian and Nico: at the end of Q3 you were almost coming together, I think. Sebastian, you weren't able to do another lap, what happened there?

SV: Nico couldn't see much in his mirrors, I guess. Obviously I was on a flying lap and Nico was preparing his hot lap, if that's correct, and not much happened... I was angry at that time... The lap was lost but equally I think there was another car in front of Nico...

NR: I don't think that was me.

SV: No, so then it was Lewis. I think it was a Mercedes.

NR: I don't think it was me. I never had anybody behind me.

SV: Anyways, I ran into traffic, not really, there were two seconds or three seconds gap but enough so that the next corner was completely blind. That's it.

Q: (Yassmin Abdel-Magied - Lewis, you're now the best English qualifier and equal best British, how does this make you feel and were you surprised by how close Red Bull and Mercedes were in terms of times?

LH: Yeah, definitely. The thing is in qualifying so much is going on so sometimes you forget... you don't forget but you're caught in situations and you wish you had another lap. For sure, I don't fully understand exactly why everyone closes up, particularly Red Bulls get a little bit closer to us when it is wet. That's something we have to work on but naturally I think, they're always quick in the wet.

Hey guys, I can't even hear myself talk.

SV: We're still figuring out who it was...

Bless them, arguing whilst Hamilton is trying to answer the question. But then again, you have to have closure before you move on to the next question. I wonder if they're still there debating it now?