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Je suis dangerous - Grosjean picks up a real trophy in 2014

Published by Christine

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For a while, it looked as though the only trophy Romain Grosjean was going to get this year was from his appearance in the David Guetta video. The producer took music videos to a whole new motorsport level with his latest single Dangerous, featuring the man himself as a racer, a whole lot of Lotus, and bonus Romain Grosjean on the podium.

Thankfully, Romain managed to right this wrong by scooping third place at the Trophée Andros event in France. Slipping and sliding round the ice course in a Renault Clio, he picked up a podium and a trophy, meaning David Guetta can be left far behind. Because let's face it, there's not a lot right about this video.

Grosjean knows he has work to do to improve for 2015, but seems to have a good handle on how his career has turned out so far. "In 2009 I was like a fuse: I went in and I came back out. 2012 was the year I tried too hard and I made some stupid mistakes... But people forget what I was capable of towards the end of last year when I was beating Kimi and he was in good shape - he liked the car and it suited him well."

Hopefully this year and perhaps the next can be a little brighter for the Lotus driver, so this Guetta business can become a distant memory.