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Take the weather with you - Saving website widgets for a rainy day

Published by Mr. C

All new Sidepodcast weather widget

Way, way back in July of 2010 we introduced a series of weather widgets to help us convey the anticipated outlook of an upcoming race weekend.

Widget appearance stood up well alongside our 2011 site redesign but was beginning to show their age in a period dominated by high resolution mobile displays. Now feels a good time then to revamp said weather info, given we're just a few short days away from the start of a brand new F1 season.

Cleaner, brighter and easier to read at a glance, the graphics have been designed to look stunning on even the highest of resolution screens.

We have created the usual gamut of conditions covering both day and night races and you'll spot them in amongst next week's race preview post (or contained within previous ones if you're inclined to do a little archive crawling).

No doubt there will be a few browser bugs to iron out before the first race and don't forget to update to the latest version of your favourite browsing app to be sure things look as good as they should do.