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Renault's testing to-do list - Making a list, checking it twice

Published by Christine

Ahead of testing next week, and perhaps partly to distract from Red Bull's livery launch today, Renault revealed their plans for the first week in Barcelona. As you might imagine, a lot of thought has gone into this checklist, so that the team can really understand what they have brought to the track in the shape of the RS16 and what it can deliver for them this year.

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Credit: @renaultsportf1

Now, I thought it was just me that spent a while workshopping driver nicknames, but it's good to know that teams do it too. Jo Pizzle being my particular favourite. Also of note, asking for feedback and then roundly ignoring it seems like a very Formula One thing to do, glad that this makes the list too.

I'd love to see more team to do lists, I wonder what would be on McLaren's, for example? The list for Mercedes must be very short, I'm sure. It's a lovely bit of fun from the Renault team, and it's fab to know that even with all the changes they've undergone, the sporting spirit hasn't left Enstone. J to the Palmer should be very proud.