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World champion technology - F1 car takes on the all-electric ZOE

Published by Mr. C

I don't watch a lot of live television these days, so completely missed this brilliant advert from Renault celebrating their 12th constructors' title for a Renault engine.

Released following Red Bull's utter domination of the field last season, the advert features David Couthard in an RB-something take on ten Renault road cars at Circuito de Navarra in Spain.

The engine manufacturer arguably hasn't made enough of their recent success with Red Bull Racing and have sadly failed to build the same kind of brand recognition they once enjoyed with the likes of the Williams-Renault partnership. Still this fun video is a step in the right direction and who doesn't enjoy seeing Coulthard in a Twizy?

Also, F1 really needs to bring back the running Le Mans start, heels or no heels.