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Play school - Ricciardo and Verstappen ratchet up the rivalry in Suzuka

Published by Christine

The entire Red Bull team are in a pretty good mood heading into the Japanese weekend, after picking up a race victory and double podium finish in Malaysia. Christian Horner has been talking about the good feeling in the team, and even bigging up their prospects for the coming seasons, as he's said he would be able to manage his two competitive drivers if they were to go head to head for a championship trophy.

We've all seen how good he's been at that before, and the drivers are obviously keen to test out their boss's skills by starting a small (and hilarious) rivalry in Suzuka.

Nice welcome to Suzuka from Max
Credit: @danielricciardo

Nice welcome to Suzuka from Max and his classmates

- Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull Racing

Taking a selfie with some very cute Japanese fans, Ricciardo hit the first blow to his teammate Max Verstappen, who is of course the youngest F1 race winner. He may be young, but he's not without his own jibes, however.

Teacher was asking the class to name Daniel's position on the team
Credit: @maxverstappen1

Teacher was asking the class to name Daniel's position on the team

- Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing

Hey Christian, you want to keep an eye on these two. It's all fun and games now, but soon you might really have something to manage!