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Pic's phantom pit stop explained - Marussia give the details on an odd race moment

Published by Christine

The Marussia team took time out on Twitter to explain why Pic took an extra pit stop which wasn't part of the strategy. An interesting solution to a well-known backmarker problem.

Getting a few questions about Charles' 3 pit stops, some of u asking which tyres he put on and others asking if he got a drive-thru penalty. No drive-thru penalty, he just 'drove-thru'. No pit 'stop' as such. He was reaching a point in the race where he would have hit blue flags. So on lap 48 we brought him thru the pit lane to manage the advancing traffic. This meant the leaders could pass safely as well as swiftly. It also meant that Charles lost less time letting them by. So Charles only pit-'stopped' twice, on laps 19 and 37.

- Marussia