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The passenger seat - Pastor Maldonado hitches a unique lift

Published by Christine

Lotus haven't managed to get out of the starting blocks very quickly so far this year, but now the team have released a cute little trailer video to whet your appetites for the upcoming season.

Trailer is the right word, too, as Pastor Maldonado finds himself an unwilling passenger on the way into work at the Enstone factory.

Lotus have somehow made Pastor appear slightly less intimidating in this video, and I love his leaping to catch falling items. It is interesting that you don't get to see Pastor and Romain together, but we know they get on a little bit - if the previous sighting of them on the balcony was anything to go by.

Maldonado and Grosjean at Lotus
Credit: @lotus_f1team

It also would appear as though Lotus have gone overboard on the whole 1970s filter thing, but perhaps they are harking back to their own golden age. The start of 2014 hasn't gone as expected, but they're not letting it get them down!