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Loopin' Louie - Ricciardo gets his dance moves on for Sky Germany

Published by Christine

Tanja Bauer umpires a game of Loopin' Louie between Vettel and Ricciardo
Credit: Thompson/Getty

Earlier this month, I awarded Daniel Ricciardo a point on Christine's Rankings as it appeared he was up to some kind of dancing. It wasn't clear exactly what was going on, but we knew it was for a feature that appeared on Sky Germany. Now, it all becomes clear.

Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo were tasked with playing some kind of customised board game that involved questions and dares. Vettel role-played a phone call with Helmut Marko, whilst Ricciardo was tasked with a spot of dancing. There was also some school days talk and what I think were accusations of cheating.

I love the video because they've dubbed the voices into German, but for some reason have really gone with the stereotypical surfer-type-doofus voice for Daniel Ricciardo. So rude.

But hey, it is some epic dancing. Maybe I should up his points score now I've seen what it was all about!