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Another livery launch as Chainbear reveals Sidepodcar colours - A unique take on what a Sidepodcast F1 car might look like

Published by Christine

With the 2015 launch season kicking into gear, we're starting to see image renders of what the cars will look like when they hit the track in just a few days time. Livery launches are very popular at the moment, as teams unveil the colours they hope to race with during the coming season.

That being the case, Sidepodcast is proud to present our unofficial 2015 livery, as demonstrated by our resident artist, Chainbear.

Sidepodcast image
Credit: ChainBear

Naturally, all our main sponsors are there: Factbyte Factbox, the fantastic live-blog experience for F1 races. F1Minute for all your concise Formula One news needs. Christine's Rankings, for a different kind of driver championship. And last but not least, Skoda!

Huge thanks to Chainbear for designing a good-looking and sleek Sidepodcar, in all the right colours. If you think you can beat him, though, do let us know!