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Look who's talking too - Another winning TV performance from Mercedes' main man

Published by Mr. C

Following on from his recent foray into light entertainment, Lewis Hamilton popped up on British TV again this Friday as a guest on The Graham Norton Show. The Mercedes driver, clearly relishing the freedom afforded by his new employer, spent the best part of an hour on the sofa chatting with Norton and other guests.

Norton, Ó Briain and Hamilton do maths
He's behind youCredit: BBC

Highlights from the show included Lewis' unsuccessful attempt to blag a part in Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar's next movie, in the hope of appealing to Fernando Alonso's fan base. Before he sportingly donned a fetching red hat and took part of comedian Dara Ó Briain's maths puzzle.

Hamilton was also cajoled into spraying the host in a celebratory champagne shower.

That winning feeling
Champagne supernovaCredit: BBC

I am liking this all new 2013-spec Lewis Hamilton. Where will he pop up next?