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Sebastian or Fernando? - James Corden poses questions around Rockingham

Published by Christine

Hamilton and Corden ready for an interview with a difference
Credit: Tom Oldham Photography

Lewis Hamilton got behind the steering wheel of a Mercedes road car around the UK circuit of Rockingham to partake in an interview with a twist.

As part of the #ForeverFaster campaign from Puma, comedian/actor James Cordon was tasked with squeezing in as many questions to the F1 champ as he could in just one lap. As you can see, that ended up being more difficult than he might have imagined.

The questions vary in their scope and some are more challenging to answer than others. There are a few gems in there, including the tricky question of Sebastian versus Fernando? Reluctantly, Lewis does actually pick one. He also selects his favourite film, reveals his favourite city in the world and who is his hero.

In case you can't quite hear it amongst the squealing (both tyres and James), here are the questions that Lewis answered and/or avoided.

James: Favourite film?
Lewis: Coming to America.

James: Favourite football player?
Lewis: Messi.

James: How many crashes have you had? I'm asking more for me than anything.
Lewis: Two!

James: How many pushups can you do?
Lewis: 80-90?

James: Who's your hero?
Lewis: My dad.

James: Is there anything more exhilarating than Formula One?
Lewis: No.

James: Do you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
Lewis: ...

Corden feels the fear
Credit: Tom Oldham Photography

James: Lewis! I thought you were going to be amazing at this, you're just going over all the corners!
Lewis: Are you sweating?

James: Yes, just a touch. Right, true or false, you wear your helmet in bed?
Lewis: False.

James: Do you ever play with your helmet in bed?
Lewis: Laughs.

James: If you were going to sing me a song, what song would you sing me?
Lewis: Smack My Bitch Up.

James: Favourite car?
Lewis: This one.

James: Smart or casual.
Lewis: Casual.

James: Sebastian or Fernando?
Lewis: Neither.

James: Come on, you've got to pick one. Sebastian or Fernando?
Lewis: Fernando.

James: Front garden or back garden...

No time to answer, due to squealing of brakes around a corner.

Driver and passenger in a spin
Credit: Tom Oldham Photography

James: Do you still get parking tickets?
Lewis: Nope.

James: What do you wear to bed?
Lewis: Nothing.

James: What's the best city in the world?
Lewis: London.

James: Boxers or briefs?
Lewis: Boxers.

A few donuts later.

James: Oh come on now. That was amazing. I can't feel my legs.