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Jenson Button on Webber's WEC offer - The Brit talks of potential challenges for 2015

Published by Christine

Button snaps a picture
Credit: Pirelli S.p.A.

In an interview with the Official F1 app, Jenson Button faces the never-ending questions about his future, and handles them with what sounds like a weary but pragmatic point of view. When asked if it's been difficult not knowing what next year holds, whether it be at McLaren or another team, in or out of F1, the Brit admits he's now resigned to the situation.

It’s been fine. It was tricky before Japan, through the Japanese Grand Prix but since then it’s been fine. It opens your eyes to different challenges in life really. Formula One, you have blinkers on, you think this is the only place but there are many exciting things, if I’m not here next year, for me to do. Challenges to partake in. I’m just enjoying my racing. The time in the car has always been the best thing for me about Formula One, about motor racing, and it still is. But it’s a bigger difference from out of the car to in the car than it used to be.

Button also went on to talk about the challenge from Mark Webber, who is currently racing in the FIA's endurance championship, to join with or race against him in the future. Jenson looked like it is something he's considered, but isn't totally convinced about.

I’m not stupid, I want to race next year. If that’s not here, I want to be in a category that’s competitive and exciting, and that really would be an exciting challenge.