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Wolff-enstein - Taking helmet hair to a whole new level

Published by Mr. C

Surveying the F1 world at present could easily leave the uninitiated with the impression that motor sport is not a particularly fun place to be right now.

Fans have been endlessly vocal in their complaints about changes to points allocation, a switch to V6 engines, the look of this year's cars, the sound of this year's cars, the speed of this year's cars, and, well, you get the picture. What the sport desperately needs is an injection of glamour and today Williams F1 development driver Susie Wolff provided just that.

Brightening up our Twitter stream, Susie shared this fabulous snap from an upcoming feature in MIXT(E) magazine, plus accompanying behind the scenes insight.

Susie Wolff, MIXT(E) magazine photoshoot
Helmet & HairCredit: MIXT(E)/Twitter

Be honest, when was the last time you saw an F1 driver with nails that awesome?

French beauty/still life photographer Eric Maillet shot the images and the new issue should be available (presumably in France) soon. There appears to be a digital version available for download worldwide, but looks to be a number of issues out of date (sadface).

If fashion simply is not geeky enough for you, Susie will also feature in an upcoming issue of Wired UK magazine covering the intricate technicalities involved in F1 simulator testing.

Frankly the lady has something for everyone, go follow her on Twitter right now.