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Hat's all the fuss? - Lewis Hamilton finally sports a Mercedes cap

Published by Christine

Hamilton tries his new cap on for size
Credit: Mercedes AMG Petronas

It came as a surprise to me that Lewis Hamilton wasn't keen on wearing a Mercedes hat this year. I hadn't noticed he wasn't donning the team cap in interviews, but apparently it's because he didn't like the design of the existing headgear. Taking more control over his image was part of the deal when he moved to Mercedes, and so the Brit took on the challenge of designing his own hat - one more to his liking.

He has debuted his first fashion creation this weekend, a little black number with a Mercedes logo on. I know there are Rankings points to be handed out for this but I am conflicted with an array of thoughts about it.

On the one hand, I quite like a driver getting creative with the stuff they have to work with. On the other hand, the team's livery isn't really up for discussion, and he should probably have been wearing the existing gear while creating his own. And on the other, other hand, it was good enough for Rosberg who's been getting on with the important stuff, like driving the car.

On yet another hand, if he was so bothered about it, he probably could have sorted things out a little bit quicker - it's September already. On a surprising extra hand, I can't quite believe it's taken six months to come up with that - a black hat with a logo on. I probably could have done that in my sleep.

So, I have five hands and am no nearer to deciding if this is positive or negative points. That Lewis, always a controversy, never dull, even with something as simple as a hat.