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Hamilton's Free Practice Friday Q&A - Lewis takes to Twitter to spend some time with the fans

Published by Christine

Hamilton spent some time after practice on Friday catching up with his fans via a Q&A on Twitter. Replying directly to as many questions as he could in half an hour, he got through plenty! There were a few fun bits to note from his answers.

What he would be if he wasn't a driver? I think we could guess that one.

Been a musician of some sort - either playing in the band or being an artist

lewishamilton lewishamilton

His favourite movie will make some Sidepodcast listeners happy!

Cool Runnings, Coming to America and Anchorman

lewishamilton lewishamilton

Qualifying goal:

I'm targeting the top five

lewishamilton lewishamilton

I really enjoyed his lack of punctuation in this next one, which totally changes the meaning of the answer. The question was, of course, who he would have liked to meet, past or present.

Ayrton Senna and I would have loved to have met Martin Luther King

lewishamilton lewishamilton

And, finally, an interesting insight into what part of his body hurts the most once a race is over.

Usually my knees, surprisingly

lewishamilton lewishamilton

A really fun way of connecting with those who cheer him on, Hamilton also managed not to flood people's timelines with answers too. A good job, well done.