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Lewis Hamilton brings Google Glass to F1 - Okay glass, set up my car

Published by Mr. C

Lewis Hamilton showed up in the F1 pitlane sporting a brand new Google Glass headset. Fans have long argued the driver is a machine behind the wheel and now he has the cyborg look to prove it.

Lewis Hamilton, sporting Google Glass in Korea
Credit: @lewishamilton

Playing with my @googleglass outside our garage in Singapore. Got my cap in both shots! #glassexplorers #throughglass

lewishamilton lewishamilton

Glass Explorer is an early adopter program allowing consumers to test out the headset. The built in camera lets users shoot HD quality video, effectively recording everything they see. It will be interesting to learn if F1's notoriously restrictive broadcasting rules permit Hamilton to share any video shot within the circuit during the weekend.

This is very much something worth getting excited about. Hands-free wearable computing could take F1 coverage to the next level. Cheers to @lukehmuse for spotting this.