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Franck's a lot Caterham - A microphone and a Montagny appear in Korea

Published by Mr. C

F1 teams cannot buy promotion on Sidepodcast, but they can get pretty close by sharing photographs of a certain popular frenchman. Caterham provide that shot this weekend as Mr. Montagny caught up with the one and only Charles Pic in the pitlane.

Franck Montagny chats to Charles Pic for Canal+
Credit: Caterham F1 Team

The once almost invisible Franck Montagny has become more conspicuous in his new role as resident expert for Canal+ television than he ever managed whilst driving a car. We sadly don't get to see a lot French TV coverage, but I get the impression the more this guy keeps popping up in the paddock, the more likely a move south is on the cards.

A fortnight ago it was Lotus spotting pit lane Franck, this week Caterham. Big hugs (and plugs) to the first team to find Franck in Suzuka!