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'For sure' for men - Keeping F1's powder dry since 2014

Published by Christine

Williams announced a new sponsorship deal today, partnering with the Rexona brand more traditionally seen on the Lotus car. The move comes as parent company Unilever aim to work on improving sustainability, but also because they think Formula One is a good environment to really test the mettle of a deodorant. Rude!

Although there's no official word on whether Rexona will continue with Lotus or not, some are already looking ahead to the potential benefits the new Williams partnership will bring.

So does this Williams sponsor announcement mean my Mum can pose with Felipe in Boots soon?

lookingspiffy lookingspiffy

@lookingspiffy if they don't market a For Sure spray for Felipe then this deal is utterly pointless

lukehmuse lukehmuse

Naturally, with an opportunity like this from the mouth of our very own Photoshop expert, it was clear that only one thing could be done.

For sure - for men
Not available from all good retailersCredit: Lukeh

A special limited edition, Felipe's helmet colours branded cannister of For Sure, For Men. Available from no good retailers, now.