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The Felix Baumgartn-Egg drop - Take part in an eggciting Sidepodcamp competition

Published by Will Davies

For anyone who has not come across egg drop before, let me eggsplain; the idea is to use recycled materials to protect your be-shelled cargo as you drop it from a high height.

Your challenge for today’s session of camp is to build a capsule/delivery mechanism to safely transport an egg back to earth from the altitude close to 4m, otherwise known as ‘the first floor window’. You only need to protect one egg on its journey, 2 would be more than un oeuf.

You’ll have a couple of days to get cracking; do the build, test your solution and collect some evidence (photos/videos/anecdotes etc) as to the fate of the egg. The idea being that as we go we can discuss strategies, compare notes, or generally chat and procrastinate, then on Sunday, we will share the results to our version of Fearless Felix’s eggstraterrestrial mission.

To make things fair we’ll specify a shopping list of eggsactly the items that you’re allowed to use:

  • unlimited toilet/kitchen rolls
  • unlimited cereal boxes or similar cardboard
  • unlimited newspaper
  • 12 cocktail sticks / 4 (wooden) kebab skewers
  • 50cm string
  • 50cm cellotape
  • 1 plastic bag
  • the use of Pritt Stick-esque glue
  • but strictly no egg boxes, or any better glue that you might have

If there is more than one successful attempt, then it’ll be up to the comments to vote on a winner (based on ingenuity of design, resourcefulness and the fewer materials the better). Good luck to all, I look forward to seeing/hearing about your eggsploits, and remember protecting an egg is no yolk!