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Sidepodcast Scrapbook -  B-sides and Other Rarities

F1 personalities on TV - Which shows can help promote the sport further?

Published by Christine

This all started when we spotted a certain Mr Ron Dennis on Jools Holland’s annual New Year’s Eve television show. This led Mr C to think that perhaps this was the start of the BBC’s advertising and promotion for their formula 1 coverage next season. He then asked us for our suggestions, and boy, are there some funny ones.

  • Ron Dennis in Strictly Come Dancing
  • Jarno Trulli on ‘Oz and Jarno’s Big Wine Adventure’ (RG)
  • Super Aguri in Flog It
  • David Coulthard on Police! Camera! Action! (Andy T)
  • Nigel Stepney – Judge Judy
  • Steve Ryder: Mastermind – Specialist Subject: Lewis Hamilton
  • Bernie on The Apprentice
  • A new one, James Allen on Soccer Saturday as Jeff Stelling – ‘OH AND ITS BUTTON AT THE LAST GASP MINUTE, WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT IT?’ (RG)
  • Nelson Piquet on ‘Hole in the Wall’ as Dale Winton – ‘Brrring on the wall’ (RG)
  • Thomas the Tank with Jarno (Lukeh)
  • Ron Dennis vs Wolf – Gladiators (Michael)
  • Jenson Button – Blue Peter presenter (likely to be his next job) (Michael)
  • David Coulthard – Boxing ring announcer..lets get ready to ruuuummmble… (Michael)
  • All Team Principles – Krypton Factor contestants (Michael)
  • Bernie – Victor Meldrew (Michael)
  • Anthony Hamilton – Britain’s Worst Drivers (Michael)