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2016 F1 rules in plain English - Explaining the tyre regulation changes for this year

Published by Christine

As you might have heard, the tyre regulations for 2016 are changing. Naturally, because this is Formula One, they are getting more complicated rather than less, and if you're anything like me, you've been avoiding learning what is actually going to happen. Thankfully, Chainbear has come to the rescue with this fabulous video that explains exactly what is going to happen, when and how, and why we should care.

This brilliant animation discusses tyre allocations by both Pirelli and the teams, and raises pertinent questions you may or may not have thought about. You do have to wonder how F1 has got to such a state that you need a ten minute video to explain something as simple as tyres, but hey, it's much better than being beaten over the head with a bag of potatoes!