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F1 embraces Milky Bar Day - Saint Valentine gets some attention from F1 teams and drivers

Published by Christine

Mercedes bear with a bag full of treats
Credit: Sidepodcast

It's traditional here at Sidepodcast HQ that Mr C always forgets Valentine's Day and makes up for it with a certain brand of white chocolate. We renamed the day based on that certain fact but Mr C has shaken things up this year by not only remembering February 14th but having Milky Bar buttons ready and waiting beforehand. Bizarre.

Hopefully, Nico Rosberg has a stash of chocolate bars waiting somewhere, as the newly married Mercedes driver admitted that he was doing some last minute shopping... and getting rained on in the process. He says it serves him right, but I've always actually admired those that grab their presents at the last minute. Fun and stress in equal measure.

Meanwhile, the rest of the F1 world seems to be recognising Valentine's Day this year. Both Lotus drivers tweeted pictures of themselves with their partners, with Grosjean and Marion and Pastor and Gaby - both using an awful lot of heart and flower emojis!

It's not just about couples though. More and more, this day is seen as an excuse to just be loving and kind to your fellow human beings, as Force India elaborate.

A very happy Valentine's Day to all lovebirds out there! Enjoy this day with your loved ones... or a cupcake. #validsubstitute

ForceIndiaF1 ForceIndiaF1

For some reason, the world has gone crazy about that film that was made about those books, which was released today. McLaren snatched the opportunity to show off a slice of the MTC, with the tagline More than just Fifty Shades of Grey. Toro Rosso have brightened things up with a gloriously orange sunset, but full marks have to go to Red Bull for being a bit arty, staying on message with their camouflage livery and pointing out that if there's love to go around today, it could be pointed towards a certain sport we like to watch.

Love F1. Happy Valentine's Day!
Credit: Twitter/Redbullracing

Love #F1. Happy Valentine's Day! #CamoBull #LoveIsInTheAir

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