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A trip to the driver's briefing in Shanghai - Mercedes offer up a short walk in China

Published by Christine

Mercedes have been doing a fantastic job so far this year providing extra insight and access to the paddock for fans at home - helped along by the somewhat relaxed social media rules from Liberty Media. One of their treats from Shanghai was a brief moment with both Hamilton and Bottas as they made their way to the driver's briefing.

It may not be the best produced video of them all but has some really interesting moments to note. I like that Hamilton rocks up late: "Oh you've done that bit? Let's go!" And because of that, Bottas being super professional and just getting on with it by himself.

It's good to learn a bit more about what they chat about in the briefing, although there's no new information, seeing the drivers say it's important but perhaps not that exciting is quite insightful. And of course, we can learn a bit more about the burgeoning relationship between these two new teammates, particularly as Hamilton asks about Bottas' racing career. More please Mercedes!