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Disco Dan-cing - There's such a thing as too much Red Bull

Published by Christine

Daniel Ricciardo was caught trying to entertain his race engineer during free practice in Germany, but the expression on Simon Rennie's face would suggest he wasn't in the mood for dilly-dallying about.

Dan and his happy engineer
Credit: Twitter/DanielRicciardo

It's impressive that Rennie isn't bothered at all because those are some impressive moves Ricciardo has broken out. I see a post-engineer career as a Queen's Guard at Buckingham Palace in Simon's future.

After many, many messages, Daniel must have felt a little bad for portraying his engineer in such a sombre light, as he posted a photo of the two of them smiling together.

They appear to have a good relationship, and it's not a surprise as Rennie previously worked with Mark Webber - although we never saw Mark dancing like that.

Ricciardo has become infamous for his smile, never one to be seen with a frown even if things aren't going his way. Thankfully for the Australian, this season has been good to him and Daniel has outqualified his four-times world champion teammate on seven separate occasions, including this weekend in Germany.

No wonder he keeps on grinning.

Ricciardo's enjoying his first season with Red Bull a little too much
Credit: Adam Pretty/Getty