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Corporate takeover - Highlighting the huge expansion of Motorsport Network

Published by Christine

Sprawling website network

I was embarking on my periodical tidy up of our Around the Web list of great motorsport content, and became disheartened by how many previously excellent sites had been snapped up by the behemoth that is Motorsport Network. The conglomerate appear determined to aggressively dominate every single corner of online motorsport.

As a fan of motorsport, it really helps to be aware who's making content you're reading, watching and listening to. Especially if it is all coming from one outlet. With that in mind, I started collecting a list of properties owned by the Motorsport Network, and it turned out to be a lot bigger than I thought it would be. By request, here's the list as it stands today.

  • 360 Racing
  • Amalgam Model Car Collection
  • Auto Classics
  • Autosport Awards
  • Autosport International
  • F1 Racing
  • FerrariChat
  • Forix
  • Giorgio Piola
  • GP Update
  • GrandPrix Predictor
  • Inside EVs
  • Inside Line F1 Podcast
  • Interactive Project
  • James Allen on F1
  • LAT Photographic
  • Motor GT
  • Motors TV
  • Motorsport Gaming
  • Motorsport Jobs
  • Motorsport Stats
  • Motorsport-Total
  • Peter Windsor / The Flying Lap
  • Rainer W. Schlegelmilch Photography
  • Ride Apart
  • Sutton Motorsport Images
  • The Motoring Media Network
  • Wildsoft Digital F1 Encyclopedia
  • World Car Fans

Naturally, at the rate Motorsport are hoovering up the web, this list will be outdated relatively soon, and I'm not planning to keep it up to date. But it's a good starting point, and a startling reminder, of how big that network is getting. If any properties are missing let me know.

More than ever, it is important to support independent publishers of motorsport content. If you've enjoyed F1 or other motorsport coverage from anyone who hasn't sold out this year, be sure to let them know.