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Clip art - A weekend of video work

Published by Mr. C

With a number of days free this week, we tried to make the most of our downtime. In addition to tidying up a few loose ends on this site, we managed to record a number of podcasts and experiment with some new mobile technology.

Directly above and below are teaser clips to highlight discussion about both Max Verstappen and also Fernando Alonso. Be certain to tune in to the full-length F1 Debrief podcasts if you haven't caught up already.

Christine has been busy recording F1Minute shows throughout the weekend, which gave us a chance to try out Apple's new Clips app. The headline feature of the app is the ability to transcribe live audio into subtitles on the fly. Unfortunately, no matter what we tried, the poor app couldn't keep up. Christine manages to pack a lot of content into 60 seconds worth of audio and the tiny processor had no chance.

The live filters are fun however and managed to provide the following colourful cartoon effect.

As time permits we'll record and make more of these soon. If you happen to spot one on your favourite social media channel, we'd much appreciate you sharing them.