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Brazil versus Australia - The kart race - Daniel Ricciardo takes on the might of Felipe Massa's son

Published by Christine

Felipinho and Ricciardo line up
Credit: @massafelipe19

You would forgive the F1 drivers for taking some time off after the chaos that was the Chinese Grand Prix, but for Daniel Ricciardo, the last few days offered up a new opportunity for some racing action.

Challenged by Felipe Massa's six year old son, Felipinho, Daniel Ricciardo accepted the call to arms for a head to head kart race - "I'm sick of being bullied by [Massa's] kid Felipinho. The amount of smack he talks has gotten out of control. I have accepted his go kart challenge and will bringing all the fire I have!"

The battle went down yesterday, with Felipe Massa being a most excellent host and streaming all the action live on Facebook. It was an incredible seven minutes of racing action, starting with the rock-paper-scissors decision over who gets the inside line. Ricciardo won the toss but got off to a difficult start, allowing Felipinho to use his weight advantage to zip off into the lead. From there, Daniel never quite recovered and crossed the line a distant second.

The super talented Felipinho even managed a handbrake turn for a celebratory donut and took to the podium with relish. Ricciardo was gracious in defeat, hoisting his competitor on his shoulders for a victory lap. The pair were even given medals and a champagne substitute.

Felipinho is the cutest little racer you've ever seen, particularly with his mini-me Williams overalls and giant F1-style helmet. He's one to watch in the future, for sure. But it's Daniel Ricciardo who is most awesome, with Massa later thanking his colleague for taking time out to make his son's day. Ricciardo, always smiling, always up for a laugh and a challenge, boy does F1 need more of this!