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Behind the scenes at a Force India photoshoot - Pérez and Hülkenberg line up next to the 2015 livery

Published by Christine

Force India have released a neat little multi-lingual video featuring some behind the scenes snippets about the upcoming launch of their new car. We've seen the livery unveiled in a Mexico City event, and now Nico Hülkenberg and Sergio Pérez provide some insight into hosting the event and pulling the covers off the brand new car.

It's a little bit over the top with regards the Mexico love, but I do like seeing stickers going on the car, and the photoshoot setup with bright lights and white backgrounds. The driver portraits were also completed at the same time, with Pérez's new helmet on display, and you can see one of the finished shots below.

The new livery from Force India created a bit of a stir with the additional silver and their more traditional orange reduced to stripes, however Hulk seems keen on what they've done: "It looks good. Not just to be completely black and have a bit of a different colouring there, looks actually pretty cool. Very racey, now hopefully it's as quick on the track and as good as it looks."

Completed shot from the Force India photoshoot
Credit: Force India F1