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BBC product placement, or bringing fans closer to the action? // A closer look at the Pirelli problem

Published by Mr. C

Having seen a couple of negative comments on Twitter relating to the BBC's promotion of Pirelli tyres in F1, I thought it worth screen-grabbing this image for posterity.

BBC's Pirelli product placement

During qualifying for the German Grand Prix, Jake Humphrey was talking about Pirelli tyres at the time. Use of product placement was relevant, but maybe exessive given the brand name was lined up exactly at shoulder height (and presumably measured to Jake, given he's a tall bloke). Arguably, piling up the tyres sideways could have the same effect, without promoting Pirelli to such an extreme.

P.S. Please note that we love Pirelli, and everything they've done for F1 this season. Good on them for blagging as much international TV time as they have.