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Back in time - McLaren get nostalgic ahead of 2015 launch

Published by Christine

McLaren revealed a teaser video for the launch of the 2015 challenger, due on the 29th January, with a nostalgic look at the early life of an F1 fan. Not only does it feature a cute kid drawing racing cars, alongside the dulcet tones of one Murray Walker, but it also has a whole heap of Back to the Future references. How many can you spot?

I got the Hoverboard, the video camera, the clock tower poster, the almanac and the Sony Walkman in its hideous yellow. If you spotted anything else, do let us know!

Talking about Back to the Future is in vogue this year, due to the 2015 references from the second film of the trilogy, but even without that, McLaren are likely hinting at what they are planning to do with the car this year. The return of Honda means recreating their previously successful partnership but McLaren protest that they are still looking forward. Their tagline for the launch: "It's not time to repeat history, it's time to make history."

It's almost impossible to imagine there won't be nostalgia by the bucketload for this launch, though and there's still likely to be a significant livery change. With the McLaren social media branding changing to be white and red in every possible way, it doesn't take a wild leap to imagine what they've got in store.

The only downside is that where McLaren are going, they definitely need roads.