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Are you Mr or Mrs C? - Take the quiz and find out which host you are

Published by Christine

After Brian McFadden found out he was most like someone else in Westlife, it was compared to being called Mr C, if you were Mrs C in the ‘Which Sidepocast host are you’ poll. So, here are some possible questions to be found on it.

Question 1: If you were preparing for a radio show, would you...?

a) Not read any notes/forget there are any notes

b) Prepare with written notes on etherpad

Question 2: Can you locate shift on your keyboard?

a) No

b) Yes

Question 3: What do we want?

a) I don't know!

b) Let's see if he knows what I'm on about.

Question 4: How many of the Beatles are still alive?

a) Two

b) One

Question 5: Can you swat a fly without hurting your back?

a) No

b) Yes

Question 6: Do you sometimes have nightmares where you wake up screaming about anti-aliasing?

a) Yes

b) No

Question 7: Would it be unusual for you to shower while watching television?

a) Yes

b) No

Question 8: When thinking of a group of Formula 1 drivers which order would you like to place them in?

a) Most like or unlike Michael Schumacher

b) Most likely to be in a boy band

Question 9: While playing Formula 1 Guess Who what would be your first move?

a) To ask the rules

b) Are they blonde?


Mostly a)s – Mr C

Mostly b)s – Mrs C