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100 reasons why Jenson Button is a great WDC - Sharing some love for the McLaren driver and Brawn winner

Published by Christine

This was a new game suggested by Jackie, when the conversation was going down a rocky path. Rather than 100 reasons to love Formula One, as we have completed before, this time we're focusing in on a specific driver. Below is the list, attempting to find 100 reasons why Jenson Button is a great and worthy champion. We didn't quite make the full century, but there's a good selection nonetheless.

  1. He has a nice smile (Jackie)
  2. He likes dogs (Rich)
  3. He overtook Kobayashi (RG)
  4. He did a victory lap on foot in Monaco (Jackie)
  5. Likes the band Queen (Dan Brunell)
  6. He is incredible and totally deserves it (lou)
  7. That drive in Hungary 2006 (Dan Brunell)
  8. The EYES!!!! (Nick)
  9. He’s fit – in the sense he can do triathlons, not that he’s, well, you know what I mean (RG)
  10. He tweets (Jackie)
  11. He was (possibly) named after his dad drunkenly stumbled around a pub car park looking at cars to name his son after (Nick)
  12. He comes from Somerset, where my grandparents came from (Rich)
  13. Brought highlighter yellow into style (Dan Brunell)
  14. He proved Flav wrong (Nick)
  15. He can sing AND drive an F1 car (lou)
  16. First F1 WDC with a beard during his championship year (Dan Brunell)
  17. He has a nice girlfriend (Gavin)
  18. His dad doesn’t act like an evil puppet master? (Gavin)
  19. Is supported by lou (RG)
  20. He is “big in Japan!” (Nick)
  21. He apparently looks good in his cycling outfit, according to my female friends (Rich)
  22. He is a Brawn driver and Brawn drivers are amazing (lou)
  23. Joe Saward and David Tremayne supported him from the beginning (Dan Brunell)
  24. He did that mad interview in the garage (Nick)
  25. He’s bestest mates with DC (Jackie)
  26. He has a great website! (Rich)
  27. He is friends with Ant Davidson too! (lou)
  28. He proved Jock Clear wrong… again (Nick)
  29. He has the nicest and most supportive PA (lou)
  30. He has a team of a few people called “Team Jenson” (lou)
  31. He was part of the dream team in 2007, 2008 and 2009 (Lukeh)
  32. His engineers have awesome nicknames – Shov & Bono (lou)
  33. When Jenson gets happy he hugs everyone in sight, even the cameramen (lou)
  34. His helmet matches his car (Nick)
  35. First driver to have a helmet design competition (Rich)
  36. In 1997, he became the youngest driver ever to win the European Super A Championship (Dan Brunell)
  37. Owns a 1956 VW Campervan (Dan Brunell)
  38. Used to own a Bugatti (lou)
  39. He celebrated his win by just chilling (Rich)
  40. His girlfriend likes photography (lou)
  41. He made me create an awesome wiki page (RG)
  42. He is listed as one of Sidepodcast’s hobbies on the YouTube page (Nick)
  43. He has a VW (I didn’t know this until now!) (Daniel)
  44. He has been the underdog for years and has finally proved the doubters wrong, just deserves it! (Daniel)
  45. He looks like Jimmy Bly from the movie “Driven” (Steven Daniels)
  46. He likes chocolate buttons (lou)
  47. But he prefers Snickers at the moment (lou)
  48. Out of all the F1 drivers and F1 people he would share a room with Ant Davidson, if he had to share a room with someone, because they get on really well and he thinks the fact that Ant is pocket-sized is kinda cute (lou)
  49. He is visiting the factory tomorrow to see everyone and will also be having a go in the simulator – presumably testing next year’s cars bits and bobs… (lou)
  50. He loves it at Brawn and would like to stay, they just haven’t started talking about contracts yet (lou)
  51. He doesn’t have to worry about getting kicked out of a karaoke bar as they all suck too! (lou)
  52. In his first ever karting season, he won all 34 races of the 1991 British Cadet Kart Championship, along with the title (Dougie)
  53. He also triumphed in the Formula Ford Festival at Brands Hatch, ahead of future Indianapolis 500 winner Dan Wheldon (Dougie)
  54. At the end of 1998, he won the annual McLaren Autosport BRDC Young Driver Award (Dougie)
  55. While in F3 he was shown around a Formula One pit lane by a reporter and met Ross Brawn who, after speaking to Jenson said “I hope to see you again” to which Jenson replied, “You will see me again.” (Dougie)
  56. In 2004 he ended the season third overall, a then career-best, and only behind the two dominant Ferrari drivers, best of the rest with 85 points. (Dougie)
  57. How quickly he has settled into and been received by the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team… a sign of the quality of the driver. 2 wins out of 4 so far. (Dougie)