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Christine's F1 driver rankings

These driver rankings are the most in-depth and accurate global ranking driver system ever produced by Christine. This year's Formula One drivers will be judged on their photography skills, cooking habits, fashion sense, charity work, video appearances and much, much more. The twenty-one race season will decide who is the fastest driver in the best car, but my rankings are about something quite different. I want to know who is the nicest, funniest, fan-friendliest driver.

Spot something rankings worthy, then let Christine know.

  • 26 Apr
    -2 Fernando Alonso
    Oof, this Baku video is so scripted it hurts. "The speed is higher, in the city of fire."
  • 26 Apr
    +1 Esteban Gutiérrez
    Risking life and limb by standing next to Pastor Maldonado for Felipe Massa's birthday photo.
  • 26 Apr
    +1 Esteban Gutiérrez
    Nice little Twitter Q&A, if you don't mind him filling up your timelines - but also yay for picking Ricciardo as the funniest driver.
  • 26 Apr
    +1 Jenson Button
    Sharing the love from Coachella.
  • 23 Apr
    +2 Fernando Alonso
    Still ribbing Johnny Herbert for his thoughts that the champion should retire, and dealing well with Felipe Massa's interview interruptions.
    (suggested by lookingspiffy)
  • 23 Apr
    +2 Felipe Massa
    Interrupting an Alonso driver parade interview to stir up a bit of trouble.
    (suggested by lookingspiffy)
  • 23 Apr
    +12 Daniel Ricciardo
    The fantastic kart battle with Felipe Massa's son deserves all the points and then more!
  • 23 Apr
    +6 Felipe Massa
    A couple of points for Massa for setting up the fabulous Ricciardo kart battle but more points for having an awesome son.
  • 20 Apr
    -1 Nico Rosberg
    Just because you win three races in a row, I don't think that's an excuse to show off about flying into Monaco via helicopter!
  • 20 Apr
    +3 Felipe Massa
    Nice little column on, the first one detailing his battle to keep Hamilton behind him in China.
  • 18 Apr
    +4 Fernando Alonso
    Sometimes, there just aren't enough words.
  • 18 Apr
    +2 Romain Grosjean
    Pit lane birthday cake!
  • 18 Apr
    +2 Rio Haryanto
    I don't understand what he says in them, but Rio is brilliantly consistent in his post-session video messages to fans.
  • 18 Apr
    +2 Max Verstappen
  • 18 Apr
    +2 Carlos Sainz Jr
  • 18 Apr
    +2 Daniel Ricciardo
  • 18 Apr
    +2 Daniil Kvyat
  • 18 Apr
    +1 Daniel Ricciardo
    Marvellous track map which includes exactly at which point one should make a cup of tea in Shanghai.
  • 18 Apr
    +2 Daniil Kvyat
    Not giving an inch when being confronted by a four times world champion about his racing antics. Good stuff Daniil!
  • 18 Apr
    -2 Sebastian Vettel
    We all know why Vettel was so upset about the first lap incident in China, what with the boss watching on in the garage and all, but that's still no excuse for whining about it 24 hours.

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Week 7
Daniel Ricciardo26
Felipe Massa17
Fernando Alonso9
Romain Grosjean7
Daniil Kvyat7
Esteban Gutiérrez7
Carlos Sainz Jr6
Max Verstappen6
Jenson Button5
Kevin Magnussen5
Rio Haryanto2
Pascal Wehrlein2
Valtteri Bottas1
Nico Hülkenberg1
Jolyon Palmer1
Nico Rosberg1
Alfonso Celis Jr0
Marcus Ericsson0
Felipe Nasr0
Sergio Pérez0
Kimi Räikkönen0
Sergey Sirotkin0
Stoffel Vandoorne0
Sebastian Vettel0
Lewis Hamilton-5