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Christine's F1 driver rankings

These driver rankings are the most in-depth and accurate global ranking driver system ever produced by Christine. This year's Formula One drivers will be judged on their photography skills, cooking habits, fashion sense, charity work, video appearances and much, much more. The twenty-one race season will decide who is the fastest driver in the best car, but my rankings are about something quite different. I want to know who is the nicest, funniest, fan-friendliest driver.

Spot something rankings worthy, then let Christine know.

  • 23 Oct
    -2 Pascal Wehrlein
    Cheeky little fella ignoring his engineer's request to turn off the engine, despite him asking at least five times!
  • 20 Oct
    +1 Lewis Hamilton
    Points, as demanded by Mr C, for plugging the US GP concert line up, including of course, Ms Taylor Swift.
    (suggested by Mr C)
  • 19 Oct
    +1 Daniel Ricciardo
    Daniel has gone for the cowboy hat rather than the boots.
  • 19 Oct
    +1 Lewis Hamilton
    Mixed feelings about this one. Another dodgy sponsorship campaign but points for effort from Lewis. However, not many because oof, I dislike the concept of getting covered in paint or whatever the heck that is.
  • 19 Oct
    +1 Nico Hülkenberg
    Getting in the Texas spirit with a stop at the biggest cowboy shop.
  • 18 Oct
    +2 Romain Grosjean
    A picture speaks a thousand words, but also, accurately represent the hashtag "I love food!"
  • 18 Oct
    -5 Valtteri Bottas
    This could be the worst marketing campaign ever - Bottas welds things! Actually, the idea isn't so bad and I'm impressed he's doing his own welding but a) Bottas could have picked anything other than this food poisoning memory and b) that's supposed to be a toilet?
  • 18 Oct
    +2 Esteban Ocon
    A spot of homework for young Esteban, peering at another pitwall on his weekend off.
  • 18 Oct
    +1 Max Verstappen
    Back to his racing roots with a spot of go karting.
  • 18 Oct
    +1 Nico Hülkenberg
    Following his Porsche friends as they continue endurance racing.
  • 18 Oct
    +2 Fernando Alonso
    Embracing his inner dad rock fan at Coachella Classic.
  • 18 Oct
    +4 Valtteri Bottas
    Great video series about how he got where he is today, his roots and the journey.
  • 18 Oct
    +2 Lewis Hamilton
    Looking good in his cameo appearance as a character in Call of Duty - will you be playing?
  • 14 Oct
    +3 Sergio Pérez
    Celebrating the first game of the Mexican baseball 2016/17 season with the first throw of the ball.
  • 14 Oct
    +1 Max Verstappen
    The next in Red Bull's 1.92 second challenge is kinda gross, but points for trying.
  • 14 Oct
    +1 Daniel Ricciardo
    The next in Red Bull's 1.92 second challenge is kinda gross, but points for trying.
  • 11 Oct
    +1 Daniel Ricciardo
    Fun little video bursting balloons, I can think of a better way though.
  • 11 Oct
    +2 Jenson Button
    Still showing the fans a good time even when being the man behind the mask.
  • 11 Oct
    +5 Lewis Hamilton
    He had quite the weekend of it, Lewis, but at least he had a little bit of fun, at Crofty's expense.
  • 10 Oct
    +1 Sergio Pérez
    Going for speed over substance, as perhaps an F1 driver should, with his origami efforts.

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Week 32
Daniel Ricciardo53
Fernando Alonso46
Felipe Massa41
Nico Rosberg39
Jenson Button35
Lewis Hamilton34
Romain Grosjean30
Carlos Sainz Jr30
Sebastian Vettel28
Max Verstappen23
Nico Hülkenberg22
Valtteri Bottas14
Esteban Gutiérrez12
Kevin Magnussen11
Kimi Räikkönen11
Sergio Pérez9
Jolyon Palmer8
Daniil Kvyat8
Marcus Ericsson7
Felipe Nasr5
Rio Haryanto5
Esteban Ocon4
Stoffel Vandoorne4
Pascal Wehrlein1
Alfonso Celis Jr0
Jordan King0
Charles Leclerc0
Sergey Sirotkin0