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Christine's F1 driver rankings

These driver rankings are the most in-depth and accurate global ranking driver system ever produced by Christine. This year's Formula One drivers will be judged on their photography skills, cooking habits, fashion sense, charity work, video appearances and much, much more. The twenty-one race season will decide who is the fastest driver in the best car, but my rankings are about something quite different. I want to know who is the nicest, funniest, fan-friendliest driver.

Spot something rankings worthy, then let Christine know.

  • 08 Aug
    +2 Lewis Hamilton
    Spot of lawn mowing with not very much in the way of straight lines.
  • 08 Aug
    +2 Valtteri Bottas
    I really love this Secret Life of post only for the line about the self-opening umbrella. Still chuckling about it now.
  • 08 Aug
    +2 Fernando Alonso
    Alonso being as excited as the rest of us about Robert Kubica's test day.
  • 08 Aug
    +1 Max Verstappen
    Not sure how much say they had in their summer accessories, but I'm loving the flamingo.
  • 08 Aug
    +1 Daniel Ricciardo
    Not sure how much say they had in their summer accessories, but I'm loving the watermelon.
  • 08 Aug
    +1 Stoffel Vandoorne
    You can see that Stoffel has to put up with a lot partnering with Fernando Alonso, bless him.
  • 08 Aug
    +1 Fernando Alonso
    Loving his extra-competitive nature in the McLaren version of Grill the Grid, won't listen to Stoffel that they're meant to be working together.
  • 01 Aug
    +1 Paul di Resta
    Handling being thrown in the deep end at Williams for a supersub weekend very well.
  • 01 Aug
    +1 Lewis Hamilton
    Noisy chap on two wheels as well as four.
  • 01 Aug
    +1 Valtteri Bottas
    Making his mark, quite literally, in Hungary.
  • 01 Aug
    +1 Fernando Alonso
    Managing not to be blinded by what was a very bright birthday cake!
  • 01 Aug
    +2 Felipe Massa
    Starting the training for Felipinho, good lines there.
  • 01 Aug
    +1 Lewis Hamilton
    Turn back time, playing table tennis in the paddock with his dad.
  • 01 Aug
    +1 Kimi Räikkönen
    Bit mean to Paul di Resta but fun anyway.
  • 01 Aug
    +5 Fernando Alonso
    Embracing the meme the best way possible, Fernando Alonso in a deckchair sitting next to Fernando Alonso in a deckchair.
  • 01 Aug
    +1 Sergio Pérez
    Nice gesture to pay tribute to his departing number one mechanic.
  • 29 Jul
    +6 Valtteri Bottas
    Really adorable work surprising this young fan, and taking him for a drive at Mercedes-Benz World.
  • 29 Jul
    +1 Daniel Ricciardo
    (suggested by Christopher Fonseka)
  • 29 Jul
    +1 Fernando Alonso
    Got to be a point in using his academy to train up a set of mini-me's. An Army of Alonso's, if you will.
  • 29 Jul
    +2 Sebastian Vettel
    Some lovely fan interaction letting a kid sit in his car, love that the kid is so small he just disappears though. Floating hat in the driver's seat.
    (suggested by Lukeh)

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Week 22
Daniel Ricciardo51
Fernando Alonso48
Valtteri Bottas36
Lewis Hamilton31
Max Verstappen30
Romain Grosjean23
Daniil Kvyat22
Carlos Sainz Jr21
Nico Hülkenberg15
Sebastian Vettel14
Felipe Massa13
Esteban Ocon13
Kevin Magnussen12
Sergio Pérez12
Kimi Räikkönen9
Stoffel Vandoorne8
Jenson Button8
Lance Stroll6
Marcus Ericsson2
Jolyon Palmer2
Paul di Resta1
Antonio Giovinazzi1
Pascal Wehrlein1
Sergey Sirotkin0