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Would you like more races a season? - Share your thoughts on expanding the Formula One calendar

Published by Jeremy

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There has always been discussion on whether we should have more races in each F1 season, and I am firmly in the 'yes' camp.

I am lucky in that I have been able to schedule my working week to run from Tuesday to Saturday, and I think that a race every second weekend would be brilliant. Can you imagine 22 races a year, with the season running from early February to late November? They wouldn't have to be a week apart though - we could have some races back to back (where it makes sense to do so) and thus have a break mid season (boo!).

Now, here's the kick. The cars are developed at a tremendous rate. Everybody says that there aren't that many good tracks. So re-visit the same tracks later in the season! We then only need 11 great tracks, and we get to see exactly how much faster the cars are later in the season, instead of guessing.

I know that this idea won't go down well with everyone. Especially those who work incredibly hard in their spare time to produce a blog and podcasts about F1. But what do you think?

What are the pros and cons of this idea for the teams, the fans, the money makers? What about the environment? Who else would this affect?

More importantly though, which tracks would we use? How would new tracks get a look in? Surely some tracks wouldn't want two races in a season unless it becomes hugely profitable? How do we make the sport sustainable if this idea were to come about?