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WordPress widget for F1Minute - Embedding the daily F1 news show into your own blog

Published by Mr. C

Near the end of last year we mentioned that we were busy learning the finer details about WordPress installations. We were doing this mostly so that we could build the theme Christine could only find in her head, but also because we wanted to extend the platform a bit further.

Today, we can announce the first of those extensions, the F1 Minute Player.


You may remember a while back that we made F1 Minute available to any website wishing to use it.

Embedding "bytesize Formula 1 news", involved copying and pasting a small block of code, which wasn't particularly onerous, but now we've made it even more straightforward.

If you have WordPress installed it's just a case of copying some files, before dragging the player into position on your page.

Plugging in

More information can be found in the the plugin directory, including detailed installation instructions, various configuration options and a couple of screenshots. There's also further information on the F1 Minute site too.

If you have a web site that's running a recent version of WordPress, and your Theme is relatively modern (e.g. it supports widgets), then you have all you need to get started. Feel free to give it a try and let us know what you think.


This initial release is just the first step, a stable platform to build upon. We're already running the widget on the sidebar of this site and there's much more to come in the future.

As always, your thoughts / ideas / comments / criticisms are most welcome.